Shipping and logistics is to a large extent getting increasingly complicated and specialized. This as the World in general. At Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics we thrive on the challenge provided by moving your cargo. Regardless of how oversized and heavy it is or how odd or remote the destination might be, we enjoy finding the proper solutions. We simply have a passion for shipping and logistics. Through our team of professionals we are making shipping easy for you!

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  • Henrik Engdahl

    Henrik Engdahl

    Henrik works with Customer Services and Sales for our Freight Services. He has long experience within logistics and joined the shipping industry 16 years ago. On a daily basis, he has contact with customers, suppliers, vendors and agents.

    Henrik always strives to ensure the best customer service. Based on his knowledge and experience, he always thinks outside of the box and always looks for solutions that will save money and time for his customers.

    Contact Henrik if you want your shipment to be smooth and easy, no matter what kind of transportation you have in mind.

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  • Our Liner Services team

    Our Liner Services team

    Do you need assistance with transport of an oversized piece, an odd destination or any special shipping term? Or do you have a need for someone to discuss a specific transport problem? No problem, we have done that many times before. Contact our team and we will find someone to help with your specific question.

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  • Johan Ignell

    Johan Ignell

    Johan joined our team in March and he’s working as a Business Development Manager with focus on our rail product. The last 6,5 years Johan worked in various positions within the Greencarrier Group.

    Johan is passionate to make new customer relations as well as preserve our old customers. He always strive to make sure that the customers is satisfied and that we deliver what we promise.

    ”The best thing about working with business development and sales is the rush you get when you finally seal the deal with a partner or client. I get the same feeling when I hear that our customer is satisfied with our services and communication”, says Johan.

    If you want a dedicated salesperson that always have your best interest at mind, contact Johan.

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