SSL Overland acquires Ystad Transport & Logistics AB

SSL Overland, majority-owned subsidiary to Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB, has acquired Ystad Transport & Logistics AB as per the 1st of October 2022.

–        YTL (Ystad Transport & Logistics AB) has well-known reputation in the market due to it´s very competent employees. This will strengthen our offer to our customers with a wider product portfolio and more experienced people in SSL Overland. Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics are on a very exciting path towards growth, and it will be a lot of fun to continue our development together with the team at YTL, says Johan Ignell MD of Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics.

YTL have had very strong development over the past five years with a large focus on markets such as Turkey, Poland, Central Europe, and Ukraine. Christian Adler is one of the founders of YTL and works as MD today.

–        We are very happy to join SSL Overland and the Scandinavian Shipping group. We have a long-standing collaboration with SSL Overland and have known the ownership circle for a very long time.  We will be much stronger together than each one individually and it will be exciting to begin our joint journey going forward, says Christian Adler MD of Ystad Transport & Logistics

In connection with the change of ownership, Johan Ignell takes over as Managing Director of YTL, while Christian Adler instead takes the responsibility as Site Manager in Ystad.

–        We are making a minor organizational change in connection with acquisition to gain better clarity and to accelerate our development plan for the coming three years. We will continue to be a very flexible organization with short decision-making paths, says Johan Ignell MD of Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics.

In the last four years, Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB has acquired Unitrans AB (now SSL Customs), in June 2018, as well as a majority stake in CR Cargo International AB (now SSL Overland), in May 2019. These have been two very successful acquisitions and it is now time to continue the development through the acquisition of Ystad Transport and Logistics.

–        Patrik Nilsson and Christian Adler, former owners of YTL, will become minority shareholders in SSL Overland and continue to have important positions with a major impact on the company’s joint development, says Johan Ignell MD of Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB.

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