Xpress Feeders is the world’s largest independent feeder carrier operating service in Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. It operates a fleet of over 100 vessels to provide its services. These include 5 feeder services in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, covering a wide range of ports from Tornio in the north to Malmo in the south. Express Feeders has a strong focus on sustainability, and its decarbonisation strategy involves using more sustainable marine fuels and reducing the overall fuel consumption of its vessels. Its long-term goal is a reduction to net zero Co2e emissions by 2050 and it has 14 dual fuel ships on order for delivery between Q1 2024 and mid-2026.

We will represent Xpress in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

We currently represent a variety of niche carriers and global shipping lines and by acting as an agent for Xpress Feeders we are adding a new segment, which will offer our customers and partners new opportunities and collaborations.

More information about Xpress Feeders is available at www.x-pressfeeders.com/services and- schedules.

You are also welcome to contact us for further details,

Eva Mattson, Liner Manager eva.mattsson@scandinavianshipping.se

Erik Edgren, Team Leader Xpress erik.edgren@scandinavianshipping.se

Xpress Team XPF@scandinavianshipping.se