Service: RoRo service

Trade: East – and Westcoast Southamerica

Compañía Sudamericana de Vapores (CSAV) , founded 1872, has a long history as one of the main shipping lines in Latin America.

CSAV currently operates 5 separate services to/from South America, remaining a significant carrier in the RoRo segment, and are offering a bi-weekly service from North Europe to South American East- and Westcoast. They service the following destination ports from Gothenburg:

Buenaventura, CO, Manta, EC, Callao, PE, Arica, CL, Iquique, CL, San Antonio, CL, Santos, BR, Rio de Janeiro, BR, Rio Grande do Sul, BR

All kind of rolling cargo from regular cars to High and Heavy are accepted on their services.

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