Road transportation (China to Sweden/Europe)

Transportation by truck from China is a reliable alternative. It doesn’t get affected by fixed departures or lack of capacity. Our high volumes to Kazakhstan and Mongolia make it possible for us to offer a high and stable capacity every week from China to Sweden/Europe.

Road transportation is a more flexible alternative, making temperature- controlled and ADR goods (DG) transports possible.

China mainland to Sweden

  • Lead time               16 – 18 days (door/door)
  • Departures              Daily
  • Volume                   13,6 m truck
  • Total weight             22 ton
  • Transshipment        1 – 2

Intermodal rail/road transportation

To ensure the capacity requirements from China, we introduce our intermodal solution to/from China through Mongolia. Our Intermodal alternative is perfect for higher volume transports, and if you would like to have fixed departures.  

The higher the volume, the more cost efficient. In our experience, higher volumes can challenge the cost for maritime transportation. Our intermodal setup makes ADR goods (DG) deliveries possible through railroad.

China mainland to Sweden

  • Lead time               30 – 38 days (door/door)
  • Departures             Daily
  • Volume                  120 to 250 CBM / railway waggon
  • Total weight            65 ton
  • Transshipment       2 – 3