Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics offer sea freight in all forms. No matter if you need LCL, FCL, RoRo, breakbulk or even charter vessels for project cargo.

Sea services


The truly global container logistic network make, this highly standardized mode of transport, the most cost efficient and safe mean of sea transport for a lot of cargoes. Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics can, as an independent forwarder, arrange the best solution through partnerships and co-operations with the container carriers on the market. This refers to standard containers as well as special containers for oversized cargo. We also have a long experience with handling refrigerated cargo in reefer containers. When the cargo is not enough to be cost efficiently shipped in a full container, we can also arrange LCL (Less than Container Load) through co-loading with other cargo


RoRo is by far the most efficient way for shipment of rolling cargo such as cars, trucks, excavators, trains and more or less anything with wheels on it. However, RoRo service offers much more than that. Through the use of roll-trailers a great variety of non-rolling (static) cargo can be efficiently shipped by RoRo vessels. Cargo that is too heavy or oversized for special container shipment can be shipped by RoRo. A service offering safer handling and protected sea transport. The bracket of cargo dimensions and weights between the container limitations and what require conventional shipment that can be handled by RoRo is actually bigger than you might expect. Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics have long experience in arranging RoRo shipments with the various carriers in the market.

Break Bulk – Conventional

When containerized solutions and RoRo handling is not option due to feature of the cargo, regular Break Bulk handling on conventional vessels are necessary. Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics have an extensive experience of working with Break Bulk solutions, either through Break Bulk liner services or part-charter of vessels. We truly enjoy the challenge of moving also the most awkward cargo to the most remote destinations.