YTL changes name to SSL Overland

In October 2022, SSL Overland acquired Ystad Transport & Logistics AB. To further strengthen the brand and its collaborations, externally and internally, YTL will change its name. From 2023-06-01 the company will go under the name Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics i Ystad AB. For internal and external marketing purposes for Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics i Ystad AB, we will communicate the short version, SSL Overland. SSL Group has 65 employees, with offices in Gothenburg (HQ), Jönköping, Malmö, Norrköping, Ystad, Helsinki, and Vilnius.

– The name change from YTL to SSL Overland will strengthen our brand. Which, in turn, will create solidarity within the company. We strive for a mutual goal, therefore it makes sense to go under the same name. It will also boost our marketing for the company. It’s a strategic decision, a decision that will propel us forward and help us evolve, says Johan Ignell MD for Scandinavian Shipping and Logistics AB.

Christian Adler, one of the founders of YTL, works as Site Manager in Ystad. YTL was founded in 2012 and has had a fantastic journey the last 10 years. They have especially been successful in Ukraine, Poland, and Turkey.

– We, as owners, reached a point where we felt that we needed to partner up with someone with more resources to continue our development. SSL Group is a perfect match in that sense, and we do share the most important value; Our employees are the most important resource that we have. To share brand and name will strengthen the common culture in the company and enable more cooperation between the offices in the group, says Christian Adler Site Manager Ystad.