Welcome to SSL Freight Services & Unitrans (now SSL Customs), Janne Balov!

We are happy to welcome Janne to Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics.

Janne will be working with sales at our SSL Freight Services and Unitrans (now SSL Customs) department in Gothenburg. Road Freight to/from Spain, Italy & Portugal, Project Cargo worldwide, Air Freight, Rail Freight to/from China and Sea Freight from Asia are all products that we offer the market.

Hi Janne,
Tell us why you wanted to work together with us at SSL/Unitrans (now SSL Customs)?

When I was presented with this opportunity, together with the company goals and vision, it sounded like an interesting challenge. In fact, I didn’t hesitate once to accept the role.

Can you tell us something about your background, that have brought you to where you are today?

I think it’s my inner drive and my willpower, not wanting to fail in anything I take on. As well as realizing that there is always room for growth in different areas. Both in my professional life and personal life.

Can you think of an example of previous employments, or other experiences, that will be beneficial for your new role at SSL?

I have a couple of different experiences with previous employments, that I think can be beneficial for this role. I do think my work within development, specialist roles, and implementation of new clients will be of great importance. It has provided me with great knowledge of how the entire logistic chain works. As well as giving me a better understanding for the challenges each client/supplier are facing for each freight.

Is there something that you feel that you are particularly good at when it comes to your professional, or personal life?

One thing that I do think I am very good at is being a “Team player”. You win some, you lose some, but always together. I also want to mention that I am very engaged in my work, good at delivering, and to meet set goals. Those are a few things that I think that I’m very good at.

What do prefer to do on a day off?

A day off? With two children, 2 and 7 years old, I have very few ‘days off’. But I do prefer to spend all my free time with my wife and kids. We do different activities together, but the most important is to just spend time together.

Do you have any specific interests?

I like sportfishing, but also any sports really. Maybe not as participant as much anymore, but more to watch it.