We offer express solutions from China to get around the, at the moment, very strained shipping industry

Sea freights from Asia to Europe are at historically high levels. There is an obvious lack of space and a container shortage in primarily China. What is happening in the logistics and shipping industry, has even become front page news and the situation is dire.

We have since many years back worked with rail transportation from China to Europe. Which has provided us with knowledge, experience and capacity to handle both full containers and single goods. Since September 2020, we also added road transportation from China. We transport goods in trucks all the way from shipper in China, to receiver in Europe (primarily Sweden). We also offer an Intermodal solution, where we can handle larger quantities than we can with only rail and road transportations. The Intermodal solution requires transshipment from truck to rail in Mongolia and transshipment from rail to truck again in Vilnius. In Vilnius, our own office will assist and make sure that all documentations are in order as well as making sure it’s an efficient transshipment.

Air transportation is of course something we can handle as well. However, we encourage our customers to avoid this for both an economical as well as environmental reason.

In short, we offer 3 very efficient solutions that are faster than sea freight to transport your goods.

To find out more about our express solutions from China, contact Johan or Johan.

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Road transportation China and Intermodal solutions through Vilnius:
Johan Eriksson
Mobile: +46 (0) 72 546 70 68
E-mail: johan.eriksson@ssl-overland.se

Rail solutions for FCL and LCL:
Johan Ignell
Mobile: +46 (0) 729 73 53 61
E-mail: Johan.ignell@scandinavianshipping.se