Papper där det står Customs Clearance

Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB acquired Unitrans AB in June 2018. To strengthen the brand and our partnership internally and externally, Unitrans will be changing its name. As of 6 th of December 2023, we will be known as Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics Customs AB. When we market and communicate about Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics Customs AB internally and externally, we will use the short form SSL Customs.

Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB currently has 65 employees, with offices in Gothenburg (HQ), Jönköping, Malmö, Norrköping, Ystad, Helsinki and Vilnius. We are divided into six different business areas: SSL Liner Agency, SSL Freight Forwarding, SSL Projects, SSL Overland, SSL Customs and SSL Port Services.

“The name change from Unitrans to SSL Customs will strengthen our brand and internal cohesion,” says Johan Ignell, CEO of Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB. “We have been making a major investment in the customs area for some time, and we think it’s the perfect occasion to launch a new name in connection with this investment.”

Sofie Fredrikson was recruited from DFDS in mid-August this year to take charge of the customs initiative in the SSL Group.

“There is already a great deal of knowledge within the Group, as Unitrans has been working with customs procedures for many years,” says Sofie Fredrikson, Head of Department for SSL Customs. “It’s now a question of scaling up the business, raising the skills level additionally and streamlining our processes to achieve the lofty ambitions we have for SSL Customs.”

When we acquired Unitrans, we gained access to very knowledgeable staff in areas such as customs, and the company also attained AEO status. We are now making a major investment in customs as a separate business area, as we see great opportunities to grow in this segment. SSL Customs offers transport-neutral customs services that can be combined with other SSL products.

Those who previously worked with sea, road and air transport at Unitrans are now part of SSL Freight Forwarding in Gothenburg.