Three fast facts about Höegh..

.. did you know that Höegh Autoliners in order to meet an increased demand from November and onwards will increase the frequency to Australia and New Zealand to 5 sailings per month from Europe adding Port Elizabeth on a regular basis. The service is catered by the largest type of RoRo vessels in the world, the Horizon class, offering 12 meters ramp width capable to handle 375 tons, and 6,5 meters deck height. With such dimensions the capacity is ample to handle larger break bulk and high and heavy cargoes.

.. did you know that Höegh Autoliners in addition to expanding the services recent years have developed an array of new and enhanced own means of handling the really big and heavy cargo.

This includes for example a coupling kit system that enables carriage of extra wide cargo on two rolltrailers linked together on the long side. Another example is the so called “Höegh Bridge” extending rolltrailers lengthwise allowing long trams etc to be loaded without lifting.

.. did you know that Höegh Autoliners are sailing to 32 Caribbean destinations direct and via transhipment hubs in Cartagena, Pointe á Pitre and Port of Spain on owned service Höegh Autoliners Shortsea Americas.