Seven seas

Here is a short recap of our carrier portfolio and an introduction to the scope of services we can offer through global and niche carriers, in the Container-, Breakbulk and RoRo segments – all providing specialized and dedicated services.

When it comes to transport to Central America and the Caribbean, we offer container- and breakbulk service via Seatrade, Streamlines and Great White Fleet. All these have extensive expertise in the reefer segment. We provide service to Cuba through the breakbulk and container service of Nirint and a vast number of ports and islands in the Caribbean via Tropical Shipping, experts in the Caribbean trade.

We offer both container and breakbulk services to west Africa using Nile Dutch, with an extended port range offering tailor-made solutions to customers based on local knowledge and expertise. In north Africa we are covered through the representation of Sloman Neptune that offers breakbulk and container service to a large number of ports in Algeria and Libya.

We also have the east coast of South America represented. To Chile, Peru and Ecuador, we offer regular RoRo service via CSAV Car Carrier and breakbulk service through Volans.

Through Swire Shipping we can offer extensive port coverage to the Pacific Islands with multi-purpose vessels providing both container service and conventional service with self-geared vessels. The same goes for Breakbulk service through Hugo Stinnes that we can offer as agent for their service to Mexico and the U.S Gulf.

In the far east, we cover a number of ports in China and southeast Asia, as well as India and the Middle East, via Chipolbrok B/B within their range of service.

Via our representation of Höegh Autoliners, we offer worldwide RoRo and breakbulk service with strong connections to South Africa, Australia and India as well as to the Caribbean and the east coast of USA.

We can help you make the odd simple. With our knowledge and help of our global partners we will do our best to offer a solution that meets your specific needs.
If you find any of the above of interest, don’t hesitate to contact us.