Rail offer can expand with acquisition

Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics’ acquisition of CR Cargo at the end of May means both a strengthened product portfolio and a wider reach geographically.  According to Business Development Manager Johan Ignell, this will likely lead to increased rail business to and from China.

“With this acquisition, we immediately increase our competencies across the board. Our new colleagues come in with experience and knowledge in other areas that complement our existing offer,” says Ignell. “By taking advantage of the strengths in all three companies, Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics, Unitrans (now SSL Customs) and CR Cargo, there’s a real opportunity to sell more to current customers. I see a lot of potential for our rail offer with CR Cargo’s customers.”

With the addition of CR Cargo, the road transport offer, mainly in the eastern European market, becomes stronger – a market where Scandinavian Shipping isn’t present today.

“With this acquisition, the owners of Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics are showing that they truly believe in the company and want to build it up to be stronger for the future,” comments Ignell. “And of course, it’s great to have a new group of colleagues on board who share our ambition and vision.”