Since October 2023, Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics has been back in the project logistics market via the newly founded company Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics Projects AB (SSLP).

What is a project transport?

We define a project essentially as “a specific quantity of goods sent to a specific place during a specific period”. Most often (but not necessarily) we transport goods that do not fit in conventional load units due to excess length, width, height or weight. We are also experts in multimodal transports, where several different modes of transport are combined to enable delivery according to customer wishes.

Customer case: Transporting oversized and heavy modules from Sweden to southern Switzerland

An example of what we do on a daily basis is our latest project, which consisted of moving four modules measuring 15.3 x 4.70 x 4.17 m and weighing over 30 tonnes each from southern Sweden to southern Switzerland.

After analysing the possibilities, we concluded that direct road transport from A to B was not feasible due to the dimensions of the modules, which made transit on the German road network impossible. The solution was as follows:

  1. The modules were transported from the customer’s factory to Gothenburg by road.
  2. In Gothenburg, the modules were transferred to a roll-on/roll-off ship.
  3. The ship sailed to Belgium, and the goods were transshipped onto a barge in the Belgian port.
  4. The barge sailed from Belgium to Basel, Switzerland, where a final transshipment took place, and the modules were subsequently delivered to the site by road.

The modules have since been assembled and now make up the extension of a pharmaceutical factory.

Why SSL Projects?

There are currently three of us working full time with project logistics, but we see the SSL Group as a strong complement to our business. It provides us with access to colleagues who work with and are experts in areas such as customs, road transport and port services/ship clearance – all under the same roof. With these colleagues, we form a strong team for whom virtually no task is impossible to complete!

  • Keeping up to date of the global situation: A significant part of our job, in addition to transporting goods, is to keep ourselves up to date of the situation in the world, which is becoming increasingly challenging due to trade barriers and armed conflicts, for example. We select the safest transport routes to ensure that your goods arrive safe and sound – and always on time.
  • Broad logistics network: Our network is constantly growing, and we are no represented in over 70 countries through both our own operations and via agents.
  • Advisory partner: Many customers also engage us at a very early stage of their planning. This means, for example, providing advisory services to a technical design team to ensure that the component being planned can subsequently be transported in a cost-effective manner.
  • Experienced project managers: When you need something transported, one of our experienced project managers is appointed as your exclusive contact for any questions and concerns that may arise.

Book project transport with SSL Projects

Do you need to transport heavy, oversized or complex goods? Visit our project transport service page and fill in the form – we will then get back to you shortly! You can also read more here about how we can help you.

Magnus Olsson