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Head office
  • Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB

  • Box 1039
  • S-405 22 Gothenburg
  • Sweden
  • Visiting address

  • Redegatan 1 C
  • 426 77 Västra Frölunda
  • Telephone

  • +46 (0) 31 337 87 70
  • Clearance phone

  • +46 703 26 50 61


  • Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB

  • Box 437
  • 601 05 Norrköping
  • Sweden
  • Visiting Address

  • Hotellgatan 5
  • 602 22 Norrköping


  • Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics AB (filial)

  • Läkkisepäntie 23
  • 00620 Helsinki, Finland
  • Telephone

  • +358 (0) 9 58 45 35 01


  • Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics Latvia SIA

  • Mukusalas iela 42B
  • LV-1004  Riga, Latvia
  • Telephone

  • +371 6751 8421
  • All
  • Finland
  • Latvia
  • Sweden
  • Administration
  • Freight Services
  • Liner Services
  • Port Services
  • Project Services
About Anders Engvall

Anders Engvall

Anders is our Operations Liner Manager and he looks after the activities of our principals (Höegh Autoliners and EML), which includes practically all aspects of the process. He is active on the commercial side, handling bookings and documentation as well as taking care of vendor relations on behalf of them. Anders has been in the industry for almost 25 years. For example, he has worked in Chicago representing Conterm and worked for the Evergreen agency in Sweden. 10 years ago, he joined Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics team where he enjoys making good things happen together with his colleagues whilst having fun at work.

When Anders is not working, he likes to be with his family and friends, riding his bicycle, go golfing or sailing. He has also been a part of a group that held the Guinness World record for most simultaneous Ukulele-players. Unfortunately, somebody else has the record now.

About Eva Mattsson

Eva Mattsson

About Gunilla Warvne

Gunilla Warvne

Gunilla has worked in the Shipping industry since 1990, and is responsible for the finances at Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics, as well as the ISO activities. To be the local IT support is actually also on her agenda.

When she is not at the office enjoying the great atmosphere with her colleagues, she loves outdoor activities such as traveling, skiing, golfing, ocean activities and hiking.

About Hasse Johansson

Hasse Johansson

About Henrik Engdahl

Henrik Engdahl

Henrik works with Customer Services and Sales for our Freight Services. His work involves extensive contact with customers, suppliers, vendors and agents. The work entails also actively working with transportation, documentation management, certificate management, Letter of Credits, legalization, customs clearance, cargo insurance etc. Henrik joined Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics back at 2014, but has worked within logistics for the last 16 years.

When he is not at work, he loves spending time with his family, playing golf and go hunting. He also uses his free time to work with agriculture and forestry, where he grows different types of grain. The barley he has grown, has been exported to Scotland for whiskey production.

About Ida Mattila

Ida Mattila

Ida started as a project forwarder in 2013. Today she works as our Port agent, meaning that she has the shipping companies and property owners as customers. Her main work is to take care of everything that comes with the ship’s call to port. This involves contact with the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Customs Office, the Coast Guard and current Port authority.

She loves animals and enjoys staying home on the countryside with her horses, sheep, cats and dog. The cooperation and close work together with her colleagues and other departments at Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics is something she highly appreciates in her daily work.

About Inta Bimbirule

Inta Bimbirule

Inta’s responsibility is to develop Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics there. That includes partnerships, sales and market analytics such as forecasts, financial results and strategy. She has several years of working experience and has covered almost all transport modes that are necessary in the transportation chain. For Inta, team work is what makes the difference. She enjoys the work environment and the positive attitude at Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics, something that also motivates her to move forward.

When Inta does not spend her time working, she enjoys doing yoga, making her garden look pretty and spending time with her kids.

About Jesper Nilsson

Jesper Nilsson

Jesper joined the Shipping industry in 2001, and has worked for Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics since 2011. He is our Local Manager and Freight Forwarder in Norrköping, with daily responsibilities such as managing the terminal agency activities, having daily contact with clients, cargo handling and storage as well as planning and booking transports. Inspections of client goods, labelling and re-packing/packing are other working tasks.

When he does not work, he enjoys spending time with his family, go traveling or golfing. But did you know that he also is a schooled drummer, who used to play gigs with different bands every other weekend all the way through his 20’s?

About Jonas Landhage

Jonas Landhage

Besides Jonas’ background within Port agency and Project freight forwarding, he has also worked as an agent for RoRo carriers; Höegh Autoliners for example. Today, Jonas role is wide with many different tasks and challenges every day, something he enjoys in his daily work. He handles everything from transportation of small packages to the big pieces when shipping breakbulk. It can be chartering, RoRo, containers, road, high and heavy.

When he does not work, he appreciates being involved in different sports, both as an athlete and as a coach. If you want to play squash, golf or any team sports at all, you should give Jonas a call

About Katarina Holtinger

Katarina Holtinger

About Katrin Söderlind

Katrin Söderlind

About Lars Kristensson

Lars Kristensson

About Maria Eklund

Maria Eklund

Maria works with freight forwarding with focus on customer service and sales. Her daily work includes contact with her customers and agents over the world. It also involves documentation work and developing relations with customers as well as suppliers. She has worked with shipping since 2013, and covered both export department and sales. In 2016 she joined the dream team at Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics and at the moments she combines her role here with IHM Business school, with planned graduation end of 2018.

When she does not study or work, Maria likes to spend time with family and friends. Besides, she do lots of Crossfit. Fun fact about Maria? She is stronger than most of the guys at the office.

About Martin Martinsson

Martin Martinsson

Martin has worked as a Port agent since 2007, and works with our Port agency in Norrköping. He enjoys the good team spirit and his colleagues at the office.

When not working, Martin spends time with family and friends. Well, at least when he is not watching lots of sports (football, ice hockey, trotting, you name it).

About Martins Abele

Martins Abele

Martins works with Sales and Customer service at our office in Latvia. In his daily work, he communicates with clients, shipping lines and our partners. He responds to requests and looks for the best available option for our clients. Placing bookings and following up the existing ones is included in his daily work, as well as searching for new clients in the market and working as a customs broker.

When Martins does not work, he likes to watch movies, relax, and spend time at the gym or in the kitchen while cooking. Fun fact? He does not eat tomatoes.

About Michael Ingman

Michael Ingman

Michael works with project shipments worldwide, meaning that he can help you out with heavy or over dimensional cargo, as well as smaller cargo to odd destinations. He has a 30-year long experience from the Shipping industry and has during the 25 latest years specialized in project shipments. At Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics, he enjoys working closely to his colleagues.

When Michael does not work, he loves activities such as soccer, golf and trotting. He never misses a soccer home game of IFK Göteborg and besides everything else he does, he is a coach for BK Häcken – Women’s soccer team.

About Mikael Philipsson

Mikael Philipsson

Mikael works as our Forwarder in Norrköping, where the department handles a wide segment of both local and international services. He loves playing golf and to train in different ways. Besides that, he is also active in the Board of the local football club.

When Mikael does not spend time with transporting cargo, he likes to train his 6-year old daughter to become the next generation’s Pia Sundhage.

About Nisse Petersson

Nisse Petersson

Nisse has 35 years’ work experience from the Shipping industry and works with sales for Road Transportations. Quoting, booking load carriers, having contact with customers, senders, receivers and hauliers, are some of his daily working tasks. He truly enjoys working at Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics where he has the opportunity to work close with his customers and colleagues.

When Nisse is not at work, he spends time with his family, plays with his grandchildren, watches football and ice hockey and enjoys gardening as well as forest walks.

About Pär Sundblad

Pär Sundblad

Pär is our Managing Director for Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics and his main focus is developing the company further. He has 25 years’ experience from the Shipping industry and has mainly worked with liner shipping companies like P&O, Star Shipping and MOL. The greatest thing about working at Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics if you ask Pär, is the great atmosphere where the colleagues not only share the interest for the business, but also enjoys having fun together.

When he is not working, he likes spending time with his family (which often means visiting different sport arenas where his kids are competing).

About Petri Kalkkinen

Petri Kalkkinen

Petri is in charge of the Helsinki office, meaning he is involved in everything from quotations to clients, up to statements to Principals. He has 26 years’ experience from the Shipping industry in all fields, including Port services, Chartering and Liner services. He has also spent 20 years working with Höegh Autoliners A/S, selling their RoRo services in Finland.

When Petri does not spend his time at work, he enjoys socializing with his three sons, playing volleyball and go fishing, especially during the summer vacation.

About Rocco van Horik

Rocco van Horik

Rocco works mainly with our commercial activities and coordinates our international agent network cooperation. In 1985, he left Amsterdam and moved to Sweden, where he has been working with forwarding in general since then. However, his specialty is airfreight. To be part of a team with professionals and to be able to enjoy the good atmosphere in the office, makes Rocco go to work with a smile on his face.

When he has some free time, he likes to spend it with family or outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing.

About Sanna Käll

Sanna Käll

Sanna works with project forwarding. In her daily work, she handles bookings of different types of transport and all that comes with that, such as quotation and invoicing. Sanna has worked in this industry for 10 years and she joined Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics back at 2011.

When Sanna does not work, she likes to travel and to spend time with her family. Fun fact about her? She used to be a cheerleader in her younger days, dancing and cheering when Norrköping’s Dolphins played basketball.

About Tiina Haavisto

Tiina Haavisto

About Ulf Jinton

Ulf Jinton

Ulf works with Port and Customer services. He has worked with Shipping for 35 years, for example with sales and marketing mostly in the container business. Ulf joined Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics back in 2010, where he mostly works with Hoegh Autoliners and Euro Marine Logistics. When he does not spend time at work, he loves to do karate, cross country skiing, go motor biking, sailing or dancing some salsa.