RoRo vessels provide premium cargo safety

Car Carrier RoRo vessels, also known as PCTC, or Pure Car and Truck Carriers, have evolved in recent years and are now able to carry a wide range of high and heavy oversized cargo – not just cars and trucks. They now have the flexibility and capacity to also transport cargo like construction equipment, agricultural machinery, boats, buses and cranes.

Cargo that is too heavy or oversized for special container shipments can be shipped by RoRo, as well as a huge variety of static break-bulk cargo, due to the increased capacity of the vessel and the use of mafis. The new vessels are designed with spacious interior stowage decks and large ramps which allow for cargo up to 6.5 m in height and weight well over 300 tons.


Another huge advantage of these new generation RoRo’s is the cargo safety aspect. Handling under controlled circumstances at terminal as well as a fully protected sea transport minimize the risk of cargo damage.

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