Moving huge platforms across the world

The customer’s challenge:

A challenge for our customers with a global production base and production location based on cost advantages rather than proximity to the final customer, is of course to move the goods between ever longer distances. Is that really a challenge today with a vast global and standardized logistics system?  Well, it’s certainly a challenge and the challenge increase when the size and weight of the goods are well beyond the limitations of the standardized liner sea services.

Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics was recently offered the project of moving cargo with some extreme dimensions from China to Germany. The biggest piece of goods presented the awkward combination of dimensions of 24 meter length x 15 meter width with a weight of 80 tons. This definitely call for some special arrangements in terms of finding most suitable type of carrier vessel as well as coordinating loading and discharging

Our solution:

The cargo was loaded in Port of Changshu in China on a ‘multi purpose’ vessel with direct call at discharging destination in Germany. Operations was arranged and supervised in both ends by Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics’ dedicated partners for project cargo. Set up providing a tight control and supervision and still a one point entry for the customer.

Benefits to the customer:

Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics have long experience with this kind of cargo and with arranging charter vessels suitable for the specific cargo. Through a wide network of project cargo specialists we can arrange and coordinate cargo from/to any part of the World.