Welcome to SSL Liner Agency, Hampus Magnusson!

  • 2021-10-05

What was it that made you decide to come and work with us at SSL? What caught your interest, why did you accept the role?

I actually started to look into SSL when I was still studying at Chalmers. I was looking for somewhere to do my internship and SSL was on the top of my list. What interested me at the time, was the company’s versatility. By managing everything from booking, to invoicing, I saw the opportunity to really learn and develop. I think I must have done something right, since I have been an hourly employee ever since the end of my internship. Which I am very grateful for. My main job has been working with port clearance. When I finished my studies and had the opportunity to start working for SSL full-time, it wasn’t a hard choice for me to make. I already knew a lot about the job and what was expected of me. Since I also knew that I would be working with a great team, it made my choice very easy.

So, what first caught my interest, choosing internship, was the diversity in work. To one day find solutions for a customer via the computer, and the next day head down to the harbor and work with vessel clearance for a shipping line. I felt the connection between the very different work tasks, which I find is very important to me.

Can you tell us something about your background that has brought you where you are today?

I have always been interested in maritime and navigation. That’s why after I graduated high-school, I joined the Swedish Navy. After a few years I felt that I wanted to develop more, but not leaving the maritime behind. So, I started studying shipping and logistics at Chalmers. During my first semester, I started working part-time for a big shipping company in Gothenburg. Then I got the opportunity to do the internship at SSL, and then it just went on from there.

Can you give an example of previous work/experience that can be beneficial for you at SSL?

I think my education within communications will be handy. To understand the importance of good communication (internally and externally) can prevent so many ‘human’ mistakes and errors. I also believe that my previous role working with export at a different company, provides me with important knowledge on “being on the other side”. By seeing things from the customers perspective, helps me understand even more the importance of providing great service.

Is there something that you are really good at in work/ private?

I like planning and organizing, so I think that I am really good at that. Both when it comes to planning a trip with friends or creating a work schedule, for instance.

How do you like to spend your time off?

That really depends on the season. If it’s summer and the weather is nice, I like to go up early, have a nice breakfast and then spend time in the archipelago with my boat.

If the weather does not permit a nice day at sea, I like going to flee-markets. Just because it’s fun to look around. Sometimes I even find little treasures.

Do you have any specific interests?

We have on old gig which is of great interest to me. In the summer I love taking it out on the water. When the season is over there is a lot of things that needs fixing on the boat.

Other than that, I like to eat and drink nice things, go to concerts, and spend time with family and friends.