About Streamline

StreamLines is offering three services from Europe to Caribbean, South and Latinamerica. 

French West Indies
Direct calls to below ports :
Philipsburg/St Maarten, transittime ex Sweden 16 days
Pointe-a-Pitre/Guadelope, transittime ex Sweden 17 days

Offering following destinations via transshipment Philipsburg:
Antigua 20 days, Anguilla 20 days, Montserrat 21 days, St Kitts 20 days, Nevis 21 days, Dominica 24 days,  St Lucia 21 days, Grenada 23 days,  St Vincent 22 days, Bridgetown 20 days, Saba 24 days, St Barthelemy 21 days

Loadport at the continent are: Portsmouth, Antwerp and Radicatel

Dutch Caribbean
Direct calls to below ports:
Rio Haina/Dominican Republic, transittime ex Sweden 17 days
Willemstad/Curacao, transittime ex Sweden 18 days
Oranjestad/Aruba, transitttime ex Sweden 19 days
Puerto Bolivar/Ecuador, transittime ex Sweden 25 days
Guayaquil/Ecuador, transittime ex Sweden 27 days
Paita/Peru, transittime ex Sweden 29 days

Also offering Kralendijk/Bonaire via Willemstad
Loadports at the continent
Dover, Hamburg, Rotterdam

Suriname - Caribanex Schedule
Sailings every 14th day

Paramaribo/Suriname, transittime Rotterdam 11 days
Turbo/Colombia, transittime Rotterdam 18 days
Moin/Costa Rica, transittime Rotterdam 22 days
Santa Marta/Colombia, transittime Rotterdam 25 days

Loadports at the continent:
Rotterdam and Flushing