Surcharges BAF

Please find below new additionals vatos applicable as from the 4 th of September 2013:

Europe to Asia
baf usd 52,25  w/m and usd 695 per TEU
caf  10,30  %

Europe to Mideast
baf usd 33,25 w/m and usd 442 per TEU
caf  10,30 %

Europe  to India
baf  usd 42,50 w/m  and usd 565 per TEU
caf  10,30  %

USA to Mideast/India/Asia
baf usd 53,00  w/m and usd 705 per TEU
caf: not applicable

Other additionals (GAS,ISPS, PSS,PCS) remain unchanged:

GAS - USD 12.- W/M applicable for parcels shipped accross the Gulf of Aden

ISPS - applicable for cargos loaded as follows:
Antwerp & Hamburg - EUR 0,30 pmt for steel products, EUR 0,60 pmt for general cargo Bilbao - not applicable Porto Marghera - EUR 0,81 pmt for all cargoes

PSS - applicable for all cargoes loaded in US ports both directions, amounting to USD 4,00 W/M

PCS - applicable for parcels loaded in USA and shipped accross the Panama
Canal westbound. USD 6,50 per w/m.