CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

At Scandinavian Shipping & Logistics we believe in commitment, involvement, and humour & joy. These words define who we are and what we stand for, and they are the foundation for how we do business in a responsible and sustainable way, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We base this on the UN’s Global Compact, which provides guidelines for ethical business based on human rights, employment rights, environmental awareness and anti-corruption. 

We work with CSR from four different perspectives; how we treat our employees and colleagues, how we do business, how we see ourselves as a citizen in society and the world around us, and how we contribute to a sustainable future environment.

We take pride in our staff and strive to be a good employer. By investing in our staff’s well-being and development, we secure qualified, highly motivated staff.

By conducting business according to ethical, professional and legal standards we are a fair and honest business partner. We stand for quality and personal commitment.

We want to be a responsible corporate citizen and we believe that by caring for the world around us, and the people in it, we become a better business partner and employer.

 We believe in the importance of environmental protection and improvement for the long term. Our ambition is to apply the best possible environmental practice whenever we can. We always strive to minimise environmental impact, aiming for continuity in everything we do. We have a long-term commitment to environmental issues and you can also read more about our environmental work here.

CSR Projects

FTS - Companies Together against sexual abuse of children
As a company friend to FTS (Företag Tillsammans mot Sexövergrepp på Barn) Companies Together against sexual abuse of children we support FTS in their work to offer municipalities in Sweden educations, seminars and training materials in this complex but important subject.

It’s important to increase the knowledge and information of those who work with children or in contact with children and of course for those children and adolescents who have ever been sexually abused, or feel violated in any way.

FTS distribute news and information to school personnel, companies and healthcare professionals. They work to increase the understanding and knowledge of those who are affected so that they can have the possibility to enhanced quality of life despite their traumatic experiences.